Poland increased its solar energy capacity by 157% in 2020

According to SolarPower Europe, a Brussels-based association that advocates solar-based energy solutions, in terms of growth in capacity at solar power plants, Poland now ranks fifth in Europe behind only Spain, Germany, the Netherlands and France.

Photo: TheFirstNews

At the start of 2020, the capacity of photovoltaic installations in Poland stood at almost 1300 MW, according to analysis conducted by Bank Ochrony Środowiska, a Polish bank specialising in supporting initiatives that help protect the environment. This represented a 157 percent increase on last year.

In Poland, officials expect that solar energy sources will reach economic maturity in 2020, which means that they will no longer require financial support. Right now, entities in Poland that want to generate their own solar energy can apply for a preferential loan as part of a state programm or a commercial loan, among other options.

With more projects in the pipeline, Poland’s solar energy capacity is set to rise even further in the coming years. Among other initiatives, state-owned power company Polska Grupa Energetyczna plans to have solar plants with a capacity of 2.5 GW by 2030.

Photo: Polska Grupa Energetyczna

According to a draft of the Polish government’s Climate and Energy Plan 2021-2030 (KPEiK 2021-2030), the share of renewable energy will be gradually increased. In 2030, renewables will provide 21% of total energy consumption. Wind energy plays an important role in the plan, but only in the offshore sector. The Ministry of Energy is even forecasting a reduction in energy supplied by onshore wind turbines in the coming years. Photovoltaics, on the other hand, will become the largest renewable electricity producer.

We observe very positive and ambitious plans of Poland on the development of solar energy.

Leading industry experts will tell about the development of the global solar energy market at the 9th International Solar Energy Conference in Central and Eastern Europe CISOLAR 2020.

Photo: Report of Vitaliy Daviy, CEO IB Centre & CISOLAR on CISOLAR 2020 Concference

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Source: TheFirstNews

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