Huawei will provide AI-based solutions to the solar company R.Power

Huawei will provide AI-based solutions to the solar company R.Power

The R.Power has signed a contract for the purchase of Huawei SUN2000 105KTL inverters. The devices will be used in the implementation of projects with a total capacity of 122 MWp, contracted by R.POWER during the last RES auction.

More than 11.43 TWh of electricity worth over 3.6 billion PLN was sold as part of the wind and photovoltaic auction conducted in December 2019 for projects with a capacity of up to 1 MWp. R.POWER will produce the most of it, securing the right to sell energy for 122 MWp projects. The company announced the signing of a contract for the supply of Huawei SUN2000 105KTL inverters, which will be used in the construction of solar farms.

“R.POWER is a strategic customer for us, the more we are glad that we were able to sign such a large contract. On a national and regional scale, this is one of the largest projects implemented by our office,” - says Maciej Bąkała (Bonkala), Business Development Manager at Huawei.

The company also used machine learning algorithms for remote diagnostics or fire risk reduction in photovoltaic installations, also mentioned.

“We use the highest class equipment manufactured by industry leaders in the implementation of our projects. However, we do not forget about cooperation with local companies that both provide us with executive services and transformer stations, constructions, and cabling. On the one hand, such a model guarantees high quality, on the other one, it promotes the development of the entire solar industry and economy in Poland,” - emphasizes Przemysław Pięta (Pshemyslav Pienta), co-founder and president of the board at R.POWER.

Huawei is developing the SUN2000 hardware platform since 2013. The company was the first to introduce support for bifacial modules and sun-tracking systems as well as machine learning algorithms for remote diagnostics and fire risk reduction (AI). Currently, Huawei has leading achievements in implementing technologies in the field of artificial intelligence to PV, including AFCI and Smart I-V Diagnosis with AI algorithms, helping customers achieve more benefits. Value-Added Partner Huawei - Photomate s.r.o. (Ltd) will be responsible for coordinating the delivery of equipment for R.POWER.

Also, Huawei launches a virtual AI academy to help Singapore reskill. Covid-19 has illustrated the need for digital readiness. To support Singapore, Huawei has announced new initiatives to build up digital skills, including a digital 5G-powered AI lab, a virtual AI academy with over 140 free courses, and training for AI developers.

“As a member of Singapore’s society, Huawei has a responsibility to deepen the long-lasting collaboration with local ecosystem partners in these times of crisis,” Nicholas Ma, Huawei International CEO said.

The Chinese concern Huawei is a leading entity in providing the latest information and communication technologies (ICT) in the world.

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