The RP Global Company Is Optimistic about Development of Solar and Wind Energy Projects in Poland

RP Global has decided to invest much in the development of wind power projects and solar PV energy in Poland, and Wojciech Glocko is to head up this regional project.

The international energy development and investment company RP Global is planning further cooperation with Poland for the next 2-4 years in developing solar power pipelines with a total capacity of more than 1,000 MW. The first projects will be launched in mid-2022. They include 5 solar PV parks capable of 180MW energy production. These parks will be located in different parts of the country.

Mr. Wojciech Glocko is a former EPA (the US Environmental Protection Agency) wind and utility department manager. He was appointed to the position of RP Global’s managing director for development in this regional project. He states that he is happy to represent the RP Global Company in Poland since the renewable energy market in this country is growing fast and RP Global will continue to play an essential role in Poland’s decarbonization.

In general, the RP Global Company has been working in Poland for over 15 years. The five wind farms have been built here since that time. The two of them with a capacity of 104 MW are a part of the joint venture established by RP Global and the Marguerite Fund and operated directly by the Company.

The regional team of RP Global in close cooperation with local developers will ensure the successful completion and maintenance of these planned projects.

Solar power is a very prospective branch of renewable energy development in the South of Europe because the cost of solar panels goes down and their capacity grows.

The RP Global management is also quite optimistic about further wind power development in Poland.

The 1st International Sustainable Energy Forum and Trade Show will be held on December 1-2 in Krakow, Poland.

More information at the link:

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