Apple Announces Transfer to Renewable Energy Sources for Its 110 Suppliers

The next step taken by Apple these days is its new energy storage project meant for becoming carbon neutral with more than 110 manufacturing partners moving to 100% renewable energy used in Apple production by 2030

The announcement made by Apple means that the corporation is going to invest directly in renewable energy projects with about 8 GW of clean energy generated for its manufacturing needs all over the world. After the project completion, the annual emission of carbon dioxide will be reduced by over 15 million metric tons that is equivalent to driving more than 3.4 million cars each year.

A new major energy storage pilot project in California has already been launched to test new solutions for renewable energy infrastructure.

Lisa Jackson, Apple’s Vice President for Environment Policy and Social INitiatives points out that the company is fully dedicated to making its suppliers' carbon neutral by 2030 in all countries around the globe including India, China, Germany, France, and the USA.

The plan for becoming carbon neutral was announced last July and since then, Apple has been constantly increasing the number of its suppliers that are transitioning to renewable energy. All Apple’s global corporate operations are carbon neutral today. With the continuity of this trend, all Apple devices sold in 2030 will have a net-zero impact on the climate.

The company has recently spent about $4.7 billion in Green Bonds for the support of global environmental projects.


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