Sustainable future equal solar energy - results of the 2d day of EN.Novation

Sustainable future equal solar energy

Despite the economic and social crisis caused by COVID-19, many of the International experts in the field of renewable energy are sure that we are staying at the doorstep of a new level of evolution in solar energy. The last achievements of solar panels and battery manufacturers, as well as increasing investments in PV form the basis for the new solar energy breakthrough. As speakers of the second day of EN.Novation 2020 noted that the solar energy industry could become the main contributor to the economic development in the zero-carbon path.

EN.Novation - digital energy innovation week

In particular, Dr. Kemal Gani Bayraktar, in his report "Solar Energy as a Leverage Towards Sustainable Future," urged to fight climate change to save our planet. He paid attention to the designing of the future in a sustainable way. He highlighted three major trends in the building market. There are zero-carbon (carbon footprint, other environmental impacts), circularity (recycled or renewable content, recyclability or reusability), and wellness (hazardous substances in emissions & contents).

Dr. Kemal Gani Bayractar at the EN.Novation - digital energy innovation week

"Cities can play a very important role in this transformation because there are main producers and also the consumers. At least 100 cities worldwide use 70% or more renewable electricity," he said.

Also, Dr. Kemal Gani Bayractar added that hybrid or PV-thermal technologies enjoy increasing interest among residential and commercial housing owners around the world. Solar air systems dominate the PVT market mainly driven by France, where almost all manufactured PVT collectors use air as a heat transfer medium.

Yevgen Prydatko presented a new line of useful solar modules - 585 Wp Tiger PRO from Jinko Solar what impact on LCOE of utility-scale projects.

Yevgen Prydatko at the EN.Novation - digital energy innovation week

"The main reason for the decrease of LCOE is technology innovation. Improving efficiency on the sell of module-level increasing power class. We have made a course to keep the innovation within our product roadmap. From 19,3% in 2017, we reached 21,4% nowadays, which is incredible and finish the ranks," he said.

As Yevgen Prydatko told, Tiger PRO brings saving on system cost due to the highest efficiency, lower VoC, higher power output, highest compatibility with the inverter and mounting system, advanced warranty.

Nikolai Bezuhlov shared the case "1 MW kit from KNESS" which means its a total turn-key EPC within one company.

Nikolai Bezuhlov at the EN.Novation - digital energy innovation week

"We ranged central inverters manufacturing with a range of options. Power capacity from half MW and up to two and a half MW with external rate from 10 to 35 KW that's most widespread rates in Ukraine," he noted

TOP-3 PV forecast by KNESS:

1. The use of artificial intelligence in PV. Forecast helps to improve the accuracy of SPP generation forecasts by increasing the life of the complex.

2. The relative error for the new station is about 18-20% to predict the generation of SPP on the day ahead.

3. The refinement of the forecast graph allows to reduce the relative error up to 9-12%.

Dr. Dave Rene (President of ISES, 2011-2020) finished the day with his report on breakthrough solar energy technologies in 2020. As Mr. Rene said that the pandemic is having a measurable impact on carbon emissions and a noticeable short-term impact on Solar PV capacity growth, but R&D in improved efficiencies and lower costs will continue to support the solar PV boom in more and more countries.

Dr. Dave Renne at the EN.Novation - digital energy innovation week

"I do believe there are niche markets for CSP to support solar electrification around the world. However, the LCOE costs for CSP continue to drop, and the addition of large thermal storage capacity, which allows these plants to deliver electricity to the grid even after the sun goes down, or under cloudy conditions, is a significant advantage.

However, the markets will be limited to high solar direct normal insolation resource areas where there is a sufficient water supply, or where dry-cooling methods are sufficient, and with access to national grids," shared his thoughts expert.

Dr. Dave Rene added that utility-scale projects would dominate the industry, but residential and DE will still be important.

The all information concentrate will be in our video recordings for all participants of IB Club. Get the material here: on this week!

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