Feed-in-tariff, energy storage, crisis in energy sector, green bank - what the results of the first

The first day of EN.Novation - digital energy innovation week was quite rich and informative.

We have collected the main theses of the speakers of the day and share them with you.

Hans-Josef Fell called on everyone to switch to 100% renewable energy. According to him it is the best way or climate protection, even in pandemic crises. As for future of green energy, he said that feed-in-tariff should work to successful industry development and achievement the global goal 100% Renewables.

Speech by Hans-Josef Fell at the EN.Novation

"Utility scale projects will dominate the industry; but residential and DE will still be important," said at the EN.Novation Mr. Fell.

Javier Cavada sure that long duration storage underpins shift to clean energy. He gave satisfactory figures: 540GW new utility-scale renewables by 2025 globally representing more than $500bn investment.

Speech by Javier Cavada at the EN.Novation

"$75bn estimated network investment in the US and in Europe. And up to $3bn in the US and 3bn euros in Europe of annual storage investment implied by 2025," he said.

Alex Tomash reviewed the crisis situation in the energy sector of Ukraine. From positive news he said that in Ukraine slowly but surely moving towards an open electricity market, where everyone and industrial enterprises and private consumers get a real opportunity to use environmentally clean energy for their own needs.

Speech by Alex Tomash at the EN.Novation

"We are now witnessing is the social transformation of thinking from vendor paradigm to the paradigm of the responsible user shared resources. In Ukraine, the catalyst for this process was the voluntary and forced reduction of the incentive tariff, which ceased to correspond to the actual costs of entrepreneurs for the construction of renewable energy facilities," he declared.

Rob Young told that approximately one trillion dollars per year of additional investment in clean energy is needed to keep warming below two degrees. According to him, public funding is insufficient to fund the shift from brown to green: countries must drive more private investment into climate projects.

Speech by Rob Young at the EN.Novation

“There is a widespread recognition that governments cannot afford to bridge these growing infrastructure gaps through tax revenues and aid alone, and that greater private investment in infrastructure is needed,” added Mr. Young.

Also, expert explained that local institutions are better at assessing and pricing local risk – and more effective at pushing regulators to improve enabling environments.

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