Suntech's solar farm will be able to sell electricity through the blockchain

Suntech's solar farm will be able to sell electricity through the blockchain

The 9.4MW Robinvale Solar Farm is Suntech's first 100% owned project to come to fruition and the first solar project in Australia to deploy WePower's blockchain-based PPA architecture.

The project features 24,920 Suntech's mono-crystalline PV panels mounted on single-axis trackers. It is one of the first solar farms in Australia to utilize string inverters on utility-scale featuring string inverters from Huawei.

Photo by Suntech

"The Robinvale Solar Farm is our first 100% owned project in the Australian pipeline to come to realization, and we look to further expand our solar footprint in Australia," - indicated by Zeight Gao, CEO of Suntech Power Japan Corporation.

Mojo Power will open a secondary marketplace for power from Suntech's solar project. It means that corporates of any size will be able to purchase verified renewable energy directly through the online marketplace.

At the time, Mojo CEO Warren Murphy noted that the Robinvale contract was the first such deal it had made directly with a wind or solar farm, but was not expected to be the last.

"By purchasing power through this platform and avoiding traditional retail energy plans, companies will be able to save up to 30% on their power bills," Mojo Power CEO Warren Murphy said.

The blockchain technology, which provides an immutable audit trail, will make it possible for off-takers to know with certainty where their electricity came from and how it was generated. Essentially, WePower's blockchain allows to break the original PPAs down into smaller 'tokenized' pieces and track the source of the generation with 100% reliability.

Suntech noted that it received 'Top Performer' status in both PVEL's thermal cycling (TC) test and PID (Potential-Induced Degradation) test, requiring no more than a 2% degradation deviation from standard tested performance.

At the photo Suntech solar modules

The module is placed in an environmental chamber with temperature ranging between -40°C and 85°C with maximum power current applied and is subject to 600 cycles. The test also simulates the case of extreme temperature variation that happens during the operation. Passing the test means the module can handle temperature cycles with performance intact. In addition, PID procedure is provided. With the module in an environmental chamber, voltage bias equal to the maximum system voltage rating of the module (-1000 V or -1500 V) is applied under 85°C and 85% relative humidity for cycles of 96 hours. This temperature, moisture, and voltage bias conditions can evaluate the degradation of the module. On account of high reliability, Suntech mono PERC modules' degradation less than 2% and were listed as Top Performer.

"This is the third time that Suntech is included in the top performer list over the past 3 years since Suntech won the honor in 2018. It's not only a high affirmation of Suntech reliability but also the greatest recognition of Suntech quality," said Mr. Vincent Cao, Vice President of Suntech.

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