In Poland announced the extension of 2,4 GW renewable energy auction in quarter 4

In Poland announced the extension of 2,4 GW renewable energy auction in quarter 4

Poland’s next renewable energy auctions will most likely take place in the fourth quarter of 2020 via a modernized electronic platform for placing bids, the Energy Regulatory Office (URE) said.

The auctions are expected to award 15-year offtake contracts to more than 2.4 GW of new capacity.

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Currently, the capacity of solar power plants usually does not exceed 1 MW, and they are supported by the auction system.

“We already have 400 MW, in two or three years we will have a balanced market between prosumers and large investors,” - announced the president of IEO Grzegorz Wiśniewski.

In this context, an important announcement was made by Deputy Minister Ireneusz Zyski about the amendment of the RES Act and extension of support by 5 years until 2026, and current support is expected until June 2021.

“I would like to reassure you about the auction system. We are working on an amendment to the RES Act. After the holidays, in September we hope that it will be accepted. If we would keep the legislative solutions at the current level, then in 2025, we will reach the installed capacity of 8 GW. Reality is ahead of our assumptions that were formulated last year- he admitted.

The Polish solar industry is growing rapidly despite a pandemic. The largest contribution is made by prosumers (70% of the market). In total, solar farms in Poland amount to 1950 MW of installed capacity in May this year, and forecasts say 2.5 GW at the end of 2020.

The first impulse for the development of micro-installations was funded from Regional Operational Programs - almost PLN 6 billion in 2014-2020 for solar energy, followed by the My Current program, which triggered the need for energy independence in Polish society.

“We are heading to the level of 200,000 prosumer installations, up to 10 kW on the roofs of houses. Little support was the spark that caused the development of the entire industry,” - commented on the situation Ireneusz Zyska, deputy minister of climate, government plenipotentiary for renewable energy sources.

However, it can be expected that support for PV micro-installations will be maintained.

The government’s draft energy policy outlines that Poland will reduce its carbon emissions by adding 18 GW of solar and 10 GW offshore wind on top of the existing 6 GW onshore and 1.8 GW PV capacity.

About new opportunities for renewable energy business in Poland you will learn at the Sustainable Energy Forum and Trade Show SEF KRAKOW 2020:


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