Webinar "What legislative changes should the Ukrainian renewable energy market be ready for?&qu

Retrospective reduction of the "green tariff", a ban on the construction of new stations, the purchase of capacity from investors for concessions, restrictions on generation ... This is not the whole list of "horror stories" that frighten participants in the renewable energy market in Ukraine. One thing is clear - the market will never be the same as in the gold for the industry in 2014-2019. But at the same time, it is not clear what the future will be like? There are a lot of voiced scenarios, but there is no complete picture of what will happen, especially in the legislative field. That is why we decided to dedicate our webinar to discussing possible legislative changes that companies and the market in general, should be ready for. Our speaker is the best lawyer in Ukraine in the field of "green" legislation of the international law firm Dentons Maksym Sysoiev.

Webinar "What legislative changes should the Ukrainian renewable energy market be ready for?"

📋 TOPICS: ▪️ The Governmental limitations for solar and wind power plants. ▪️ Ways to solve the debts of the "Guaranteed Buyer" to companies. ▪️ What challenges can the Ukrainian energy market face? ▪️How will quarantine affect the country's renewable energy market? ▪️ Quarantine as force majeure.

Plan this event on your business calendar and join the discussion!

🗓 May 15 Start at 1:30 p.m. (GMT+2) Brussel time

The cost of participation in the webinar - $10

🔔Participants registration: world.energy-online.live

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