Is It Possible to Cancel the Prohibition of Home Solar Power Plants?

The amendment to 8449-d draft law on prohibition of the "green" tariff for small domestic on-ground solar power plants has received wide publicity.

The question now arises: Is this the Verkhovna Rada's decision final or it’s still possible to change it?

IB Center asked for opinion of Yuriy Shafarenko, Director of the Department of Renewable Energy at the State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine.

"These restrictions can reduce the dynamics of putting new domestic solar plants into operation, and the corruption component on the part of oblenergos (heat and power authorities) will increase," the expert explained.

However, the possibility of canceling this amendment exists if deputies vote for the Resolution on the abolition of voting results of 8449-d draft law. As 3 decrees in that respect have been registered by people’s deputies Voitsitska, Levchenko, and Kornatsky, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine is considering such Resolutions on the abolition of the voting results of the draft law 8449-d today. The above deputies claim that the amendment, which lone gained only 85 votes, was adopted in violation of the rules – it was shoved through by package voting.

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