The solar panels appeared on the Stockholm Palace roof

On the Stockholm Royal Palace roof you can see 600 solar panel units. The 18th-century palace, with more than 600 rooms, is equipped with enough solar panels to meet 10% of annual demand for electricity.

The panels were given to the king as a 70th birthday gift by the National Property Board in 2016, but have not been fully installed until now due to permitting-issues for the historical building. The Swedish National Heritage Board only gave the go-ahead once assured the units would not be seen from the ground.

On the photo: King Carl XVI Gustaf unpacks a solar panel at the Royal Palace. Source: Melker Dahlstrand via Statens fastighetsverk

“The only chance you will get to see the solar cell panels is when you fly over Stockholm,” Erik Kampmann, administrative head of the royal palace, said in a statement.

Sweden’s largest source of power is hydro, followed by nuclear and wind. Solar accounts for less than 1 percent of the nation’s total.

With Sweden targeting to get all its power from renewable energy by 2040, King Carl XVI Gustaf wants to make sure he does his bit.

Source: Bloomberg

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