The world's largest solar park will be built in China

42 solar panel companies will build the world's largest solar park Gonghe Solar Park in Qinghai Province. Dimensions of the future park are impressive. It is planned to build more than 298 square kilometers - a size equal to five Manhattans or all of Uk's second largest city Birmingham. Such a building will reach 3,450MW installed capacity, capable of powering some 2.5 million households across five provincial areas in northwest China, namely Qinghai, Shaanxi, and Gansu provinces and Xinjiang and Ningxia autonomous regions, covering a third of Chinese territory.

The massive solar park will include an international research base for photovoltaic modules, known as the Encyclopedia of the Solar Industry, said Li Yu, who is in charge of maintenance operations at the Power Generation Department of Huanghe Hydropower Development Co. Ltd., the world’s largest solar energy developer also one of the solar giants at the park.

“The test results will guide the application and marketing of our solar equipment, improve efficiency while greatly lowering the cost of energy generation. This benefits China and even the world amid the push for solar innovation,” Li said.

Such a base will collect samples of solar modules from major manufacturers from all over the world. The Fraunhofer Institute of Solar Energy Systems, the most authoritative German institution, will collect weather data, daily operations, and other important factors. These studies will help evaluate the effectiveness of each module.

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