EU outlines renewable energy policy options for 2030

European Union legislators have outlined a compromise deal on the bloc’s renewable energy policy for the coming decade, agreeing on a headline objective of 30-33% for 2030.

Negotiators from the three EU law-making institutions – the European Commission, Parliament and Council – have agreed the outlines of the bloc’s Renewable Energy Directive, part of a wider clean energy package of legislation. Аims to slash the bloc’s emissions by 40% by the end of the next decade.

The European Commission to hammer out a compromise proposal with two options:

  • A 30-31% target for renewables by 2030, which is well below the Parliament’s call for a 35% objective. In exchange, MEPs would see most of their other demands met – such as the promotion on renewable energy “self-consumption” and the establishment of a legally-binding sub-target for renewables in the heating and cooling sector (Parliament wants a 2% yearly increase to be made legally-binding on EU member states, up from the 1% indicative target proposed by the Commission).

  • A higher 32-33% target for renewables by 2030, in exchange for which the Parliament would have to make concessions on other demands listed above.

Members of the European Parliament expressed stronger interest in the second option, the source explained, arguing that the headline target in the first option was too low compared to MEPs request for a 35% objective.


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