20.66% - LONGi Solar Sets Another World Record For 60-cell Module Conversion Efficiency

LONGi Solar announced that China General Certification Center (CGC), an authoritative, independent testing organization, has validated that LONGi Solar’s 60-cell bifacial shingling module achieved a front-side conversion efficiency of 20.66%, the highest in the world.

Dr. Lv Jun, Vice President of LONGi Solar said that this breakthrough in module conversion efficiency further confirmed the development potential of monocrystalline PERC. “We firmly believe this will completely replace mainstream products in the next three years and effectively improve PV system’s power generation efficiency and reliability, which in turn reduce LCOE* and brings customers more benefits”, - commented Dr. Lv Jun.

The Chinese company explained that bifacial PERC cells can produce power from both sides, which improves their performance by 10%-25% as compared to that of a single-sided PERC cell, projecting that the market share of PERC bifacial modules will grow rapidly in the future.

This is the third time in the year that LONGi Solar leads the industry and broke the world record for PV module efficiency. The achievement can be attributed to the company’s high R&D investments. In 2017, LONGi set a new record in the PV industry for R&D expenditure, investing USD 175.7 million, 6.77% of revenue in R&D.

* The levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) is a measure of a power source which attempts to compare different methods of electricity generation on a consistent basis.

Source: Longi Solar

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