82% of all alternative energy sources in Ukraine are solar power plants

In 2017, Ukraine put into exploitation twice as much renewable energy sources as in 2017, with the most widespread capacity are solar power plants, with a share of 82%

About this, referring to data of the Energy and Utilities the National Regulatory Comission, Ukraine (NKREKP), said Director of Department of Ecoengineering and Resource Effective Project Implementation, Ukrgazbank, Rodion Morozov.

According to him, "the average client profile is a station of 5 MW". The cost of such project is about € 4 million. Of this amount, the bank usually finances about 70%.

The second and third places are divided between wind and hydroelectric stations. Wind power projects are somewhat larger - an average of 70 megawatts, so the financing here is much larger and reaches tens of millions of euros.

But there are projects for the construction of hydroelectric power stations and in the small and medium business. Companies buy in Europe turbines, which are five or seven years, for 10-20% of their cost. And install a small hydroelectric power station of 4 MW ", - says Rodion Morozov.

According to him, projects of alternative energy have a long payback period, so loans issue for six - seven years. This is the maximum term for which Ukrainian banks are willing to lend money. A prerequisite is the first contribution. On average, it is 10-30% of the required amount.

However, alternative energy interesting not only for business. Increasingly, loans for the installation of solar panels are addressed to private individuals.

In addition, it is for the population there are affiliate programs, when importers of equipment at their own expense compensate for a part of the cost of the loan. In such situation, plus for a borrower who receives a cheap loan, and a seller of equipment that will increase sales of products.

"The amount of compensation depends on the term of the loan and on own contribution. We have partner programs, where a loan of up to three years at a 50% own contribution can get under a zero interest rate", - gives an example Rodion Morozov.

Source: AgroPolit

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