8th International Forum of Sustainable Energy in Ukraine SEF-2016 KYIV held in Kyiv

8th International Forum of Sustainable Energy in Ukraine SEF-2016 KYIV held in Kyiv on October 11-12. The Forum is the main business event about last energy technologies and solutions. More than 350 delegates from 29 countries and leaders of the Ukrainian Ministries and departments discussed investment possibilities in the energy efficiency and renewable energy field. A lot of important meetings, negotiations, signings contracts were during SEF-2016 KYIV.

The investment project ChornobylSolar was first presented on SEF-2016 KYIV by Minister of ecology and natural sources of Ukraine Ostap Semerak. To breathe life into the lost after Chornobyl disaster area the government plans by this project.

“The Chornobyl zone is the problem area, but we can return this area by high-technology projects, in particular in the renewable energy field”, - told Ostap Semerak during his presentation on SEF-2016 KYIV.

According to this project more than 1,2 Gwt of solar energy plants will be installed in the Chornobyl area. This project was in the centre of attention of participants of SEF-2016 KYIV among which 80% of delegates and 85% of exponents where foreign companies.

Reaching agreements and signing contracts is an important part of SEF-2016 KYIV. In particular, most projects implemented in the Ukrainian sustainable energy sphere were starting during SEF KYIV.

The event did not become an exception this year too. During SEF-2016 KYIV the governor of Khersonska oblast Andriy Gordeev and CEO of RECOM, one of the biggest European players on the renewable energy market, Hamlet Tunyan have signed memorandum about partnership and building solar power plants with capacity 500 Mwt.

RECOM has powerful financial partners in Japan and plans to make investments in the Ukrainian renewable energy.

Sergiy Savchuk, the Chairman of the State Agency of Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving, during his presentation on SEF-2016 KYIV emphasize importance of the green tariff for the sustainable development of Ukraine. “As You know last year with support of our Agency The Bill about providing competitive conditions for producing electricity from renewable energy sources was implemented by the Ukrainian Parliament. According this bill the green tariff was tied to the currency of Euro till 2030”, - he told.

As well he said that today the Agency works on creation of the new legislation in the energy efficiency field.

Hard to overestimate an importance of the draft of the Bill #4334 with changes to the Bill about heat supply. The Aim of this Bill is stimulation of the heat producing from renewable sources and its 10%-price reduction in compare to the heat energy from natural gas, - Sergiy Savchuk told.

“State-owned company Ukrenergo is interested in the increasing of the foreign investments in Ukraine. Of course we have a lot of the infrastructure problems that should be solved fast. I am sure we can do it”, - told Vsevolod Kovalchuk, CEO of Ukrenergo, during his presentation on SEF-2016 KYIV.

World-renowned experts are sure that besides of implementation of energy efficiency in all spheres Ukraine has to increase the share of the renewable energy in the energy balance.

In particular, the president of authoritative organization Energy Watch Group, the creator of the feed-in-tariffs system and ex-parliamentarian of Bundestag, Hans-Josef Fell which met Ukraine via SEF KYIV five years ago, during his presentation emphasize that Ukraine is moving into the right way. But Ukraine has to accelerate the pace of transition to the sustainable energy.

“Ukraine has huge technical, natural, business and personnel preconditions to have the purpose to launch 100% renewable energy in its energy balance till 2050”, - Hans-Josef Fell told.

Today the Ukrainian government is looking for drivers for the economy. Ukraine can increase export its products through decrease the energy consumption of the industry. Implementation of energy efficiency projects for industry enterprises and building renewable energy plants are create new infrastructure models. As result, Ukraine get increasing of competitiveness its products and creation new work places.

“Ukraine has to create faster conditions for the decrease the energy consumption of industrial and utilities enterprises. It will be a stimulus for the Ukrainian economy”, - said Johannes, First Counselor, Head of Operations Section “Energy, Transport and Environment”, Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine.

“Separate officials are pleased like children saying about bright prospects of doubtful profits for Ukraine in projects of building of nuclear waste storages. But we do not need to manipulate this notions. True development of Ukraine and its transformation into the area with good conditions for life and business is possible only with clean technology projects, renewable energy and energy efficiency” - emphasize Vitaliy Daviy, CEO of Innovation Business Centre.

RECOM plans to be one of the main investors in the Ukrainian renewable energy projects.

“Our company suggest not only temporary solutions for the renewable energy, we provide investments too. We plan to become one of keys players on the increasing Ukrainian market”, - says Aram Spartalian, CEO of RECOM.

“Our company is not only one of the first company which started its activity in the Ukrainian energy field, we are started our manufacturing inside the country too. This is the better argument about the place of Ukraine on the World map of newest energy”, - emphasize Stanislav Malinovskii, director of development of AEG Power Solutions in Ukraine.

General Sponsor of SEF-2016 KYIV is AEG Power Solutions, Official Sponsor is RECOM, Sponsors are Helios Strategia, Jinko Solar, US Solar, Sponsors of the Sessions are Podilskiy Energoconsulting, JA Solar, HUAWEI, KNESS, DТEК, Fronius International, CNBM, Brovarskiy Aluminiyeviy Zavod, EcoOptima, Unisolar, IBC Solar, Rentechno, GESS Ukraine.

General media partner is Bloomberg New Energy. Official media partner is “Ukrainskiy tigden”. General technical partner is ЕКТА. Organizer of SEF-2016 KYIV is Innovative Business Centre.

Partners are the State Agency of Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine, Energy Watch Group, EBA, ACC, ICC, UWEA, WWEA, UABIO, UICE, Ukrteplokommunenergo, International Association of energy savings, ЕУЕА, UNHPA etc.

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