100 MW solar park and the power-to-gas project will be built in Finland

100 MW solar park and the power-to-gas project will be built in Finland

Energy company EPV Energy is planning to build a 100 MW solar park in the town of Lapua, in the South Ostrobothnia region to replace peat energy production. It is reported in pv-magazine.

According to a document published by the municipality, the planned solar project will feature 463,680 panels and be connected to the Lapua-Sänkiaho 110 kV power line. It will occupy 140ha of disused peatland and will replace peat energy production by the group’s EPV Bioturve Oy unit. Power generation from peat, which supplies around 4% of Finland’s electricity, is more polluting than a coal-fired generation and produces more than twice as many CO2 emissions as natural gas.

The project would be the largest solar installation in Finland to date with the nation having 205 MW of solar capacity at the end of last year, according to International Renewable Energy Agency figures, most of it distributed, small scale installations.

In a separate development, Finnish marine and energy company Wärtsilä and municipal energy company Vantaa Energy have announced plans to build the country’s first power-to-gas facility with the aim of producing ‘carbon-neutral’ synthetic biogas using carbon dioxide emissions and electricity generated at a waste-to-energy plant owned by the latter.

The importance of linking power and gas networks to help hit EU climate change targets was recently highlighted in a study published by German electricity transmission system operator (TSO) TenneT and Dutch natural gas infrastructure and transport company Gasunie.

The EU goals aim to a share of 38% of final energy consumption in Finland by 2020, compared to 28.5% in 2005 and a previous national goal of 31% by 2020. The long-term national vision aims at halting the growth of final energy consumption on the one hand and increasing the share of renewables on the other hand.

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Sources: pv-magazine

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