More than 80% of solar power plants

have the potential to increase efficiency. 


This 2-hour training contains the answers and solutions to two crucial questions:

#1. How to make money on solar energy projects in Ukraine?

#2 How to ensure the maximum of the solar generation?


In particular, you can increase the productivity of stations by:

🔹 detection of "broken" cells of PV modules,

🔹 regular cleaning of modules from dirt,

🔹 replacement of components and equipment with more modern ones,

🔹 changes in the angle and orientation of the modules,

🔹 regulation of equipment operation modes and other nuances.


You have the opportunity to gain knowledge, the application of which can increase the cost of a solar project by $ 50-100 thousand and more. 


The Solar Academy experts do this training. 

It is accessible in Russian. 

How To Increase Profit Of A PV Plant / PV System?

$19.00 Regular Price
$15.00Sale Price

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