EKTA joins SEF-2017 KYIV as a General Technical Partner

EKTA Company, founded in 1992, is a leading European manufacturer of high-end LED products: screens, displays, variable message signs, street lighting. For 25 years EKTA won customers’ recognition worldwide. Today, the company carries out complex projects on city lighting reequipment, contributing to solving the problems of energy efficiency and power conservation. Flexible design solutions handle the road safety issues and promote the development of transport infrastructure of Ukraine. With an automated manufacturing plant and a team of highly-experienced engineers, EKTA steadily improves its innovative solutions in production and application of LED technologies, rendering steadfast service

Ukrainian PV market speeds up – Fronius expands service

PV installation with Fronius inverters in Kalynivka, Vinnitsa region of Ukraine. Due to a growing demand Fronius expands its presence in the Ukraine. Benjamin Fischer, Area Sales Manager is reporting good business. He expects an energy storage market to develop in the medium term. pv Europe: In the first half of this year, the PV market in Ukraine grew by a remarkable 23 percent. The installed capacity increased by 132 MW to 705 MW. How is your business going? Benjamin Fischer: It has developed very well. We will certainly achieve our target of 100 MW this year. We are currently building a 50 MW project and a whole range of others. We have recently adapted our Galmo Galvo, Primo, Symo and Ec

Helios Strategia joins SEF 2017 KYIV as a Megawatt Sponsor

Helios Strategia, as an EPC contractor, provides all services relating to the installation and profitable operation of solar power plants. We also take care of commissioning, commercialization, support and other engineering services related to PV plants. All of the processes are realized with regards to the international standards. The company was founded in 2011, and since then we successfully operate at the sustainable energy market in many countries. Our team has the necessary knowledge and experience to manage the full range of projects. From the simplest to the most complicated installation of the multistate project. Today Hеlios Strategia is expanding dynamically, we construct in the m

Feed-in tariffs in Ukraine: revolution and evolution

The implementation of the feed-in tariffs in Ukraine has significantly changed the energy map of the country. Until 2010 there were few companies operating on the Ukrainian renewable energy market, but in 2017 the number of players increased up to 209 and these dynamics are actively going on. At the same time, the feed-in tariffs rate has significantly decreased, in particular, for the solar energy sector. In 2009, the total rate of the feed-in tariffs for solar energy industry amounted to 6,624 UAH per 1 kW/h without application of any coefficients. In other words, with the euro to hryvnia exchange rate equal to 11.72 UAH the basic green tariff rate amounted to 0.4 euros. Initially, the sta

Unisolar is a leader in project supply in Ukraine

Unisolar employs world-wide experience in implementing large-scale solar projects in combination with unique practical solutions in the Eastern European market over the past 10 years. Unisolar's main specialization is the construction of Solar Power plants starting from planning and finishing the commissioning of the station. We provide more reliable and cost-effective solutions for our customers. Unisolar cooperate with the world's largest manufacturers of inverters and solar panels. The system`s standards set by experienced engineers guarantee that the photoelectric modules, inverters, mounting structures and other components will be optimally suited for solving the customer problem. Uniso

JinkoSolar has become a Megawatt Sponsor of the SEF-2017 KYIV

JinkoSolar Co., Ltd. has become a Megawatt Sponsor of the 9th Sustainable Energy Forum and Exhibition of Eastern Europe SEF-2017 KYIV. Established in 2006 and publicly listed on the NYSE in 2010, JinkoSolar Co., Ltd. is a rapidly growing, vertically integrated photovoltaic module manufacturer with a total annual capacity of 6.5 GW for solar modules, as of March 31, 2017. Global presence includes 8 production facilities, 16 sales offices and over 15,000 employees. JinkoSolar has a proven track record of being best in its class, delivering high efficiency modules with a comprehensive 25 year warranty. +41 41 748 0010 europe@jinkosolar.com www.jinkosolar.com/ -----------------------------------


DTEK energy holding has launched Tryfonivka solar power plant with a capacity of 10 MW in Kherson region, the press service of DTEK has reported. “Construction works at Tryfonivka solar power plant started in March and finished in the second half of July 2017. A total of 37,000 solar panels made by JA Solar and ABB’s inverters were installed at the plant. From August 1, 2017, the plant generates electricity and transmits it to the Ukrainian power grid,” the company said. According to DTEK’s calculations, annually the solar power plant will generate 11-12 million kWh of electricity, which is enough to supply 15 neighbor settlements with electricity. Thanks to the operations of the Tryfonivka

Odeskabel PJSC has become a Kilowatt Sponsor of the SEF-2017 KYIV

Leading ukrainian manufacturer of wire and cable products Odeskabel PJSC has become a Kilowatt Sponsor of the 9th Sustainable Energy Forum and Exhibition of Eastern Europe SEF-2017 KYIV. Odeskabel PJSC offers complex solutions for supply of wide range of wire and cable products, which are to be used in alternative energy projects implementation: - cables PV1-F for photovoltaic systems (since the beginning of 2017, the ukrainian market was supplied with more than 1000 km of cable for photovoltaic systems) - medium voltage power cables with XLPE-insulation (rated voltage 6-35 kV) - low voltage power cables with XLPE-insulation (rated voltage 0.6/1 kV) - PVC power cables (rated voltage up

Huawei has become a Megawatt Sponsor of the SEF-2017 KYIV

Huawei has become a Megawatt Sponsor of the 9th Sustainable Energy Forum and Exhibition of Eastern Europe SEF-2017 KYIV. Huawei Solar provides Smart PV Solutions, combining PV and Internet Technology with Digital Information. We call it: FusionSolar®. Huawei has invested over US$45bn in R&D over the past decade, across 15 R&D and 36 Joint Innovation Centers. Huawei has 180,000 employees, 80,000 of whom work in R&D. Its FusionSolar® Smart PV Solution is being continuously developed by Huawei Solar’s R&D engineers, who first-and-foremost listen to customers’ needs and then innovate accordingly. Huawei’s solutions are always built to be smart, safe and reliable. FusionSolar® delivers the highes

Global leader in solar cell development with regards to research and development

JA Solar Holdings Co., Ltd was founded in May 2005 and publicly listed on the NASDAQ (NASDAQ:JASO) in February 2007. After years of development, JA Solar has now become a world-leading PV manufacturer of silicon wafers, cells and modules, and the production capacity has reached 2.5GW, 5.5GW and 5.5GW respectively. The annual shipment capacity in 2016 is 5.2 GW. To date, JA Solar has a cumulative shipment of over 20 GW. The company has business in more than 92 countries and regions in Asia-Pacific Region, Europe, North America, South America, Middle East and Africa. JA Solar is a global leader in terms of PV core technologies and module quality. The company is committed to providing PV module

Solar Steelconstruction has become a Kilowatt Sponsor of the SEF-2017 KYIV

We are glad to inform that Solar Steelconstruction has become a Kilowatt Sponsor of the 9th Sustainable Energy Forum and Exhibition of Eastern Europe SEF-2017 KYIV. Solar Steelconstruction – production and engineering company, leader for PV-mounting systems, manufacturing in Eastern Europe and CIS for solar industry. Mounting systems are produced from cold-rolled steel profiles of own production. The company was founded in 2012 to implement our experience in the field of steel structures manufacturing with focus on solar energy. We have managed to realize a number of large-scale projects and participated in construction of generation facilities with total capacity of over 625 MW, also there


China’s TBEA International Ltd. Is studying the issue of building a 0.5 GW wind power plant in Mykolaiv region, the press service of the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine has said. According to the agency, the pilot project in the field of renewable energy, which the company plans to implement in Ukraine, has already passed all the necessary expertise. The ministry said TBEA is a manufacturer of modern power equipment. Source: Interfax-Ukraine

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