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IB Centre Inc. is a leading producer of trade shows, conferences, educational courses and programs in the field of renewable energy and environmentally clean technologies focused on the emerging markets of Europe and Central Asia. 


Also, IB Centre is a publisher of the environmentally clean market guidelines and provider of consulting services. 


We provide online and offline educational courses and workshops for the specialists and managers working in the field of renewable energy, sustainable energy in general, and environmentally-clean technologies.

Also, we provide corporate courses and the educational programs and industrial events services made ion partnership with corporations, governmental bodies and international organizations. 




Among our landmark trade shows and conferences are such as EuroSEF Brussels, SEF Kyiv, SEF Almaty, CISOLAR, CISWIND, ECOSMART WATER TECH, ECOSMART WAST TECH, UBF, Green Awards East Europe, ADVANCED TECH and others. 


During the last decade, we have organized more than 75 large-scale industrial events from Brussels to Almaty.


In March 2020, responding to covid-2019 and the global economic transformation, 

we founded IB CLUB.

From one side, IB CLUB is a transformation of several previous IB Centre's projects into one online channel.

On the other hand, we committed to bringing extra value and support to our professional community to help pass this transformational period and make them informed and prepared to work in a rapidly changing environment. 


In times, when online communication is becoming the main way for doing meetings, we are exploring new ways of developing our cleantech community, their members' networking and business development with the help of the online gatherings and meetings with the regulators, experts, and decision-makers. 

among our clients 

IBCentre History


The first Alternative Fuel business conference in the Eastern Europe was organized by FuelAlternative in partnership with the French Institute of Petroleum.

FA opened the research and consulting direction and started to publish of the first industrial magazine "Alternative Fuel".


FA made history by organizing the first biofuel boat race in Eastern Europe and installing a mobile photovoltaic installation, and a small windmill in the  Kyiv downtown to held the first REF Forum, which was mainly powered by clean electricity.

FA initiated the launch of  APEU, the first renewable energy association in Ukraine.

FA launched the first English-Russian industrial magazine CleanTech. 

FA started to provide services for international organizations and governmental agencies of German and some other countries. 


The Innovative Business Centre was found. The new company with the offices in London and Moscow developed the activity in the Russian, Ukrainian and other CIS and East European markets and works with the companies entering CleanTech industry from around the world. IBC became the leading provider of research and consulting services, industrial business conferences and the first trade shows in the field of sustainable energy, watertech, wastetech and organic production.

IBC Engineering started its work. 

In 2013, IBC in cooperation with WWEA/ UWEA produced the first forum and trade show on wind energy of Eastern Europe and CIS - CISWIND and became a co-founder and got a board membership in the CIS Committee of the World Wind Energy Association.


IBC started to work in EU and closed its office and company in Russia.

In Brussels, in cooperation with Energy Watch Group, IBC hold the EuroSEF, the Energy Security Forum.


IBC expanded its activity to the markets of Central Asia, in particular, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. 


The American IB Centre Inc. acquired IBC with its brand projects in Europe. IB Centre focused on scaling the most successful projects and products of the company. From 2016, the company's CleanTech trade shows devoted to the most attractive emerging markets in Europe significantly grew. 


IBCentre's trade shows and business conferences for CleanTech industry confirms its status as the trustworthy partner and producer of high effective business conferences, educational programs for the industry and the largest industrial trade shows devoted to the sustainable energy and clean technologies in the emerging European markets. More than 70% of all clean energy investment projects in the region were started or got further development in connection with the IB Centre's projects and products.   

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